Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Back in June Tribeca Film issued the Indi Summer Film Challenge. Watch 4 films by the end of July. Easy, right? Only Obvious Child came to theaters in my little corner of the world, the rest were streaming online. I leaned how much I dislike watching films on my laptop and abandoned the challenge. I did put all the films in my Netflix queue and over the last few months  have seen Ping Pong Summer, Lucky Them and tonight I finished up with Hellion. An excellent drama about a boy struggling with growing up in a difficult situation. He wants approval from his father and wants to protect his younger brother. Both tall orders, both difficult. He ends up in trouble and in survival mode. The acting is excellent and I really liked the way this was shot. Well done. Thanks to Tribeca Film for the challenge. It may have taken me 4 months instead of 4 weeks, but it was worth it!

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