Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Favorite Films of 2012

Having seen Zero Dark Thirty this weekend, I'm ready to post my favorite films of 2012. I don't feel qualified to say which films are "best", it's a very subjective term. No one can argue with me on my favorites, because they are mine. Going through all of the films I saw released in 2012 I came up with 30 I really enjoyed. From there, I found my way to the conventional number of 10. I'm going to list them in alphabetical order because I liked them all equally. Click on the titles to see what I thought.

Argo ~ A thriller based in a true story. The editing in this film is outstanding.
Cabin in the Woods ~ A crazy horror story that was a ride I was happy to take.
Django Unchained ~ A love story based in pre-civil war south wrapped in a bloody ride.
The Intouchables ~ A story of friendship and comment on how you live your life.
Magic Mike ~ A stripper wants more. This story is elevated by it's acting and sincerity of its characters.
Moonrise Kingdom ~ A sweet story of young love. Filmed in RI, this one has a special place in my heart. Someone called it a lovely jewel box. So true.
Ruby Sparks ~ A creative spin on the crazy girlfriend story.
Seven Psychopaths ~ A roadtrip extraordinaire
Skyfall ~ A wonderful addition to the Bond franchise
Sleepwalk With Me ~ A true story that made me smile.

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