Friday, December 07, 2012

CortandFatboy is Dead

In 2009, a popular KUFO radio duo out of Portland OR were fired. Here is how I felt. A few months later, Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts picked the show up, dusted it off and CortandFatboy ended up on the Cascadia network. Ever since, they have delivered a quality 1 hour podcast, on a daily basis, talking pop-culture, movies, music, TV, politics, video games and comics. Though entertaining in their own right, their secret weapon was the cast of regular guests they invited to join them. Ryan Fleming, David Walker, Courtenay Hameister, Byron Beck, Jim Willig, Leia Weathington and Mike Russell brought it every week. There were occasional visits from Erik Henrikson and Ryan McCluskey. It was sad when Aaron Duran had to give up his spot for employment. Every show had its own personality, its own flavor. It was delicious listening. Once a month they would assemble an interesting cast of characters to deliver a movie commentary on a classic film. Why am I referring to the show in the past-tense.? They have decided to retire the show. Sad news, but if you love these guys, you understand. Podcasting is time consuming and these guys have jobs and families. They felt it was better to go out than burn out. I get it. Tonight they are presenting their final show, a live show, at the Bagdad Theater. The audio will be available online, but I really wish I was there.

I would like to thank them for many hours of entertainment and company. I listen to them at work, cleaning the house, in the car and on my walks. For over 6 years they have given me a daily dose of smart, funny, informative conversation, mixed with the occasional diversion to poop and dick jokes. I will miss them very much. Love you guys and thanks! xoxo

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