Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

What did I love about The Dark Knight Rises?

Christian Bale brought a heart to Bruce Wayne I had yet to see.
Anne Hathaway killed it and should get an award for best eye roll.
The Bat-cycle is sick, and gave me glee on every turn.
Michael Caine is an actor for all time.
Bane intimidated with every neck-crack.
Cameo from Scarecrow was fantastic.
Gary Oldman deserves every penny they paid him..
Joseph Gordan-Levitt has become a bonafide movie star.
Marion Coltiard melded class, strength and revenge so well.
Nolan wrote an intricate story and placed it in a dramatic setting.
Zimmer's score played every emotion to a tee.
This felt like a comic book movie.

Loved this film, loved the trilogy. Thanks to all for so much work and a lovely payoff!

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