Friday, January 06, 2012

Favorite Films of 2011

I've seen most of what I'm going to see of the films of 2011, so I'm ready to make my favorites list.

I have two honorable mentions.

Mister Rogers and Me is a documentary about Fred Rogers, and the message he was trying to spread. Benjamin and Christofer Wagner made a film that addresses treating people right and healthy media consumption. The New York Premiere was in October, and I was thrilled to have my daughter join me for this deep and simple film.

Also, Joni Derouchie made a documentary about Cort & Fatboy called Welcome to that Whole Thing. A little peek behind the curtain of my favorite podcast.

My original favorites list for 2011 was 40 films strong, but I whittled it down to 11. These are the films I enjoyed this year.

1. Midnight in Paris was such a breath of fresh air. A bit different, a bit the same. So charming I saw it twice.
2. Seeing The Muppets with my grandson and daughter meant that 3 generations enjoyed this nostalgia bath. The tone of the film stayed true to Muppet lore, yet gave a dash of new for a very fun film. My grandson is still listening to the sound track daily.
3. Attack the Block could be my favorite alien film in a long time. Well shot, cool effects, good story.
4. Drive is moody, menacing and violent.
5. The Artist combines joy with song with success with discouragement with joy with success.
6. Super is a creative turn on vigilante justice.
7. In Martha Marcy May Marlene we watch a girl sink into mental illness despite efforts not to.
8. Bill Cunningham New York chronicles a man's passion for photography, fashion and lifestyle.
9. Moneyball tells the story of a business model that took a lot of courage.
10. Hanna is a beautifully shot action thriller about survival.
11. Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol is the best action movie of 2011. IMAX was the perfect outlet for this.

A dominant theme this year was OK movies with fantastic performances. Other films I liked this year? Rubber, Source Code, Rango, Super 8, Everything Must Go, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter, Janie Jones, Sing Your Song, Rid of Me, Bellfower, Trollhunter, Jane Eyre, Contagion, Being Elmo, Hugo and Winnie the Pooh. On to the films of 2012!!

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