Monday, December 12, 2011

Patrick's Evil Kidney

I'm not sure who is still reading here, lord knows I've been awful about posting this year. I'm putting this up anywhere I think a kind soul might see it. I derive a great deal of entertainment from the podcast world in Portland, OR. Their income comes from sponsors and donations. One podcast that I really enjoy is Hamfisted Radio, hosted by Dawn Taylor. Dawn is smart, funny, worldly and snarky. I have enjoyed her views on film, TV, books, politics and pop-culture. In this last year her husbands' kidneys decided they were done, and then his heart decided to follow suit. They have a little health insurance, but not enough to cover the life-saving care Patrick has been receiving. Their friends in Portland have launched a fund raising drive, and if you can spare a few dollars it would be much appreciated. The whole story and info on donating is here I gave a little earlier today and plan to again after the holidays. These are two fine folks who could use a little help right now. Thanks!!

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