Friday, November 11, 2011

Being Elmo : A Puppeteer's Journey

In the 60s I was introduced to the Muppets through Sesame Street. In the 70s the Muppets came to prime time TV. In the 80s my kids fell in love with the Muppets and carried me along. In the 90s Elmo became a sensation. Now, my grandsons are fans of the Muppets and especially Elmo. The appeal has spanned decades. The documentary Being Elmo:A Puppeteer's Journey is the story of Kevin Clash, and his dream to be a puppeteer in that Henson world. And boy did he! The behind the scenes on Sesame Street and the history of Clash's work is as interesting as Elmo's rise to stardom. The day after I saw this at IFC in NYC, My daughter and I ran into Clash and Elmo at BAM in Brooklyn. Very cool to see them after seeing the film. Well worth seeing.

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