Monday, October 24, 2011

Mister Rogers & Me

In 2005, I came cross the blog of Benjamin Wagner. A young musician, writer, runner, MTV producer and film maker. An essay he wrote about meeting the legendary Fred Rogers touched me. I continued to read Wagner's posts, became a fan of his music and followed the early stages of the making of a documentary about how meeting Mr. Rogers had effected him. The film was finished last year, and appropriately found its world premier at the Nantucket Film Festival. A year later the film landed at DocFest at The Paley Center for Media in NYC and I was there. Mister Rogers & Me explores the message of "deep and simple" through Fred Rogers acquaintances, co-workers and family. It is also an examination of responsible broadcasting and what should we be putting in front of our children. Watching this film with my grown daughter, who has her own children and has expressed concern of over exposure to media, was rewarding. This documentary is a labor of love from Benjamin and Christofer Wagner. The film will be distributed by PBS Distribution in the spring. Do yourself a favor, visit the neighborhood and pay attention to all that is deep and simple. Nice job guys.

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