Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hood to Coast

I enjoy listening to internet radio. While listening to a Cort & Fatboy podcast on my 3-4 mile walk several years ago, I heard Mike Russell talk about a running relay in Oregon called Hood to Coast. Listening to the story of this 197 mile race as I ambled down the road, I was impressed. Then, last week, I was listening to a Live Wire! Radio podcast that had an interview with Christoph Baaden talking about a documentary he had made about the race. This film was shown in 360 theaters around the country on 1/11/11 as it's World Premiere. We got a screening right here in RI at my favorite multiplex. Though this race is a challenge to elite runners, it is also run by people who enjoy a personal challenge. The film focuses on four teams with inspiring stories. I'm sure there are hundreds of fabulous stories. These colorful people made for a compelling film. The grueling nature of the relay is depicted well, and the route from Mount Hood, through the Oregon wilderness, to the beach, is breathtaking. A film well worth a look.

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