Sunday, December 19, 2010

Black Swan

Black Swan is a unique look into the world of ballet theater. The desire of the dancers to be perfect, distorts the performers thoughts and actions. This is a drama that explores how the human psyche handles pressure and expectations. We basically watch a talented young woman lose her mind. Performances are intense and effective. The special effects draw you into Nina's mind. The music provides a background for a world of perfection, distortion, abuse and sexuality. Don't be fooled by the pretty faces and tutus, this film is bloody, erotic and mind bending. An intense drama I really liked.


Film Gurl said...

It was definitely a worthwhile movie for me. Though it was not what I expected, I did enjoy it very much. Glad you liked it too, thanks for sharing! :)

Linda said...

Film Gurl~ My niece saw this and was pretty freaked out. She thought it was a sweet dance movie. Good example of do a little research. This may end up being my #1 film of the year. Still have a few more to see.

Anonymous said...

Black Swan is a brilliant film, and certainly a thematic companion piece to The Wrestler. Good write-up, Linda.

Check out my lists of 2010 films on my blog whenever you get a chance. Have a Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Victor~At the end of Black Swan, all I could think of was The Wrestler.

I like your Top 15 list. Have seen all but The King's Speech.(on the list this weekend) Buried and Leaves of Grass real gems from this year. Happy New Year!!!