Saturday, June 05, 2010

Terminator 2 : Judgment Day

When Cort & Fatboy announced their June Midnight Movie at the Bagdad Theater in Portland, OR as Terminator 2, I was sort of meh. I saw the original, but the rest of the franchise held little interest for me. Fatboy Roberts, Dawn Taylor, Mike Russell, Dave Walker and Erik Henriksen got together and recorded a commentary for the film, and uploaded it to iTunes for folks to use at the Midnight Movie screening. As I have always enjoyed these folks' thoughts and knowledge on film, my interest in the film grew. While shopping this week, I was buying a few films as gifts, and there, on the $5 rack, was a copy of T2. I chuckled and threw it in my cart. As the week went on, I did silly things, like research the menu at the Bagdad (tots are famous) and started looking for Portland brews in the local liquor stores. When Friday night rolled around, I had a burger, tots, Terminator 2 on DVD, a great commentary on my iPod and the knowledge that other folks, though 3000 miles away, were enjoying the same. And surprise, surprise, I liked the movie! Thanks to the film folks in Portland, for an entertaining movie night in my humble little living room. Maybe some day I'll get to the Bagdad for a Cort & Fatboy Midnight Movie.

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