Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 My Year in Film

It's too early to name my favorite films of 2009, but I thought the last day of the year was a good time to reflect on my film experiences.

Tribeca Film Festival is still my favorite vacation. I met Paola Mendoza after her screening of Entre Nos. Duncan Jones and Sam Rockwell delighted the audience with a Q&A after the screening of Moon. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jones, in June, at Newport Film Festival. I also met Jim Capobianco (Pixar, Leonardo), Scott Teems (That Evening Sun), Nick Paley (Picture Day) and Mimi Kennedy (In the Loop).

Twitter has enhanced my movie experience this year. It's fun for me to follow people like Jason Reitman, Duncan Jones, Jon Favreau, Paola Mendoza and Diablo Coady as they share their creative process, their travels and their thoughts.

This year awakened the sci-fi fan in me. Moon, District 9 and Star Trek will all land in my Top 10. Who knew?!!?

People who've joined me at the movies? Randi, Lucy and Liza joined me at TIFF. After seeing Coraline with my nephews there was an intense discussion. They're still talking about it. I'm also enjoying a long distance film-fan connection with my daughter. She lives 200 mile s away, but the last few films she's seen, I've seen after her. I call, we discuss. It's awesome!

2009 was a fun year in film, stay tuned for my favorites and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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