Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Rocker

I decided to reward a productive work week with a movie. Looking for a light, entertaining comedy, I chose The Rocker. Rainn Wilson plays a middle age drummer, whose rock and roll dreams were dashed by getting kicked out of his band 20 years a go. Taking refuge in his sisters attic, he gets sucked into his nephew's high school garage band. It's an awkward fit, but he's an awesome drummer and the kids have a good sound. Through a series of circumstances, they end up on Youtube, and "The Naked Drummer" becomes a sensation. They are approached by a label, complete with a sleazy management-type (who gets the most laughs here). And we are off down the path of the movie success story. I'll admit I was smitten by the characters, likable folks you'd hug if they weren't so sweaty. I was entertained by this one, I think it will be a solid rental.

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