Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Feet

I usually like animated film, I usually like dance, I usually like penguins, why could I not like Happy Feet?!!? I feel bad. A little penguin finds he does not have a voice to find his "heart song", (which is implied, is essential to mating), but he can tap dance! Huh?!? On top of that, he searches for the "aliens" (humans), who are depleting the fish supply. The animation was fine, but the story and inuendo did not do it for me. I can even go with a conservationist theme, but the theater was full of screaming kids! That's who comes to see animated film, a lot of studios seem to forget this lately, this film is almost 2 hours long. Seemed the older kids (5-10) were happy with the animation, music and dancing, but the little ones (2-4, who were many) were literally screaming to leave (several did)! I can appreciate all the talent attached to this film, I just wish it were more fun and to the point.

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