Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Celebrity Interviews a la Merv

Way before Entertainment Tonight, Extra and Access Hollywood, the king of the celebrity interview, for me, was Merv Griffin. When I was young, my mother always had a TV on while she prepared dinner, and The Merv Griffin Show was in that time slot. I would be helping my mother set the table with star after star being interviewed in the background. For a while, I aspired to appear on Merv's show (not sure what my claim to fame would have been). This was how I learned about Jack Benny, the Gabor sisters, Phyllis Diller, Charo, George Burns, and the hottest up and coming actors in Hollywood. Back then, I didn't go to the movies much, but I certainly knew the players. When Merv stopped doing the show, 20 years ago, I felt a loss.

Today I received a compilation of 40 of his interviews on DVD, and I feel like it's Christmas in April!! Looking at the list of interviews, I remember seeing many of them first hand. So nice to have Merv back with me, I've missed him!

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