Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oscar Picks 2006

One thing I have learned from my Oscar project, is that seeing all the nominated films actually makes it more difficult to pick the winners!

This is what my ballot would look like, were I allowed to vote in the Oscar race for films released in 2005. My hands down favorite nominated film of the year was Crash. Multi layered, race issues and gritty emotions define this film. Don't know how well it will do in the award department, but it's a winner with me. Brokeback Mountain did not have the same impact on me, but this is a film that was well made and acted. It will probably add more statues to it's award shelf on Sunday night. Any of the nominees could win and it would be well deserved.

Here are my picks for the major categories, with a few comments .... enjoy!!

Best Picture

Though Brokeback Mountain will probably win this, I think Crash was the better film.

Best Actress
Felicity Huffman - Transamerica

Reese and Dame Judi are strong in this category, but Huffman was a powerhouse his year.

Best Actor
Heath Ledger - Brokeback Mountain

All strong performances in this category, Hoffman will probably win this, but I liked Ledger's performance better.

Best Supporting Actress
Frances McDormand - North Country

Rachel Weisz is the top contender in this category, but McDormand was outstanding in my eyes.

Best Supporting Actor
Paul Giamatti - Cinderella Man

Matt Dillon was outstanding in this category also, but Giamatti dazzled me!

Best Animated Feature
Howl's Moving Castle

All nominees are deserving, wish there were 3 statues for this category.

Best Documentary Feature

This is my heartfelt favorite, though the Enron film is a strong contender for this award. On popular favorite, it could go to the penguins!!

Best Art Direction
Memoirs of a Geisha

Love to see Good Night, and Good Luck win here, but Geisha was just such a pretty film.

Best Cinematography
Good Night, and Good Luck

Best Director
Ang Lee - Brokeback Mountain

This is such a strong group of nominees, but Lee's work on this film was absolutely striking.

Best Editing

Best Visual Effects
King Kong

Adapted Screenplay
Brokeback Mountain

A History of Violence was a more creative story, but any of the nominees are worthy here.

Original Screenplay

Though I'd love to see Clooney win this, Haggis and Moresco wrote the better script.

Best Original Song
"Travelin' Thru" - Dolly Parton from Transamerica

A wonderful song that embodies the film. Parton's still got it!

Tune in March 5th!!!

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