Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Weddings in Film

With the date of my daughter's wedding quickly approaching, I decided to see how many films I've seen with weddings in them. I got through the C's and realized that so many films either have a wedding scene in them, are about the demise of a marriage or are a look at the road to marriage. It was too much!! So I decided to narrow it down to favorite wedding references in films I've seen.

The Godfather - my favorite movie wedding
My Best Friend's Wedding - love the cell phone conversation at the reception at the very end
Four Weddings and a Funeral - making fun of the meringues
Wedding Crashers - the betting at the ceremony, we all think it, they just did it
Monsoon Wedding - tradition, flowers and family in a vibrant culture
Father of the Bride - I dissolve during the scene when they play one on one in the driveway

Above all I always love the wedding dresses!!!!!

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